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The Association of Japan Time Management Popularization is a nonprofit organization established in 2002 to improve personal management skills, develop and spread technical know-how, and stimulate organizational activities. The Association was first started by a group of consultants, university professors, and other planners who intended to develop and spread time management skills. As well as organizing online seminars and information exchange meetings, we publish literary works and make policy proposals.


Title The Association of Japan Time Management Popularization
(categorized as a specified nonprofit organization)
Contact Information
Establishment September, 2002
E-MAIL info@jtime.or.jp

Mission Statement

Time management is all about business life, school life, and every single life task we have.
We believe that individual efforts to improve time management skills will enrich our lives and stimulate our corporative and/or organizational activities.
Time is precious. By learning how to manage time, we can dramatically improve efficiency of our work in the very same 24 hours a day.
Nowadays, we have a substantial need for time management since more information needs to be processed more quickly in our information society.
Therefore, we, the Association of Japan Time Management Popularization, encourage all people to make better use of their time. Unfortunately, our opportunities for time management skill building in Japan had long been limited to some training course in companies, organizations, and at business schools.
Since our establishment in 2002, however, we have struggled to develop our activities that would benefit wider range of people.
For example, our online seminars allow you to acquire time management skills at home; our information exchange meetings enable you to learn practical steps to manage time; and some of this information is compiled into books that make more people get access to our knowledge.
Our main goals include, but are not limited to, explore time management skills and know-how that are embedded in our culture, environment, and our times.
Lastly but most importantly, we sincerely hope that all of you who are eager to participate in our activities will achieve maximum results and personal development within a limited amount of time.


objectives ①Objective (extracted from the articles of incorporation)
“We aim to develop personal skills and contribute to the bottom-up type of corporate and economic development in Japan by providing technical skills and information regarding time management that are best suited to Japanese corporate culture to all people who strongly hope to develop self-management skills at their own initiatives.”

②Definition of “Time Management” (extracted from the articles of incorporation)
Although the term “time management” generally denotes the idea of how to manage time, it is defined here as “a technique to become more effective in our use of working time.” In a broad sense, time management includes motivation, business communication, and knowledge management. Our development and diffusion of technique is based on this definition.

③ Membership
If you sign up as a member of our association, you will be able to join our seminars and obtain information regarding time management skills at a bargain price. In return, as a member of our association, you will be required to spread the idea of time management.
What We Do ① Research and development and information exchange of management skills, communication theories, know-how, and techniques.       
② Policy proposal regarding the importance of developed theories, know-how, and techniques on the development of our economy and enrichment of our lives through the press.       
③ Research investigation of corporative and/or individual efforts on time management.       
④ Training and development and consulting service in respect to financial matters, labor affairs, personnel affairs, sales, etc. specifically in relation to corporate management and organizational operation through e-learning and seminars.       
⑤ Training and development of time management skills, communication theories, know-how, and techniques that are intended to develop personal skills through e-learning and seminars.       
⑥ Consulting service regarding organizational empowerment and improvement of personal skills.       
⑦ Publication of textbooks and data on time management.       
⑧ Market research on products and services related to time management.       
⑨Public relations activities regarding all of the above.
Specific activities include ① Open seminars
② Online seminars and trainings        
③ Publication activities
④ Know-how development
⑤ Consulting service on productivity growth
⑥ Public relations activities online
⑦ Policy proposals
Administration Since election of officers is currently undertaken, we are happy to inform you of our new officers when elected. Thank you for your patience. Secretary-general, Akinobu Yukimoto . (行本 明説)
Membership fee
  • Regular member : Joining fee free, Annual fee ¥10,000
  • Special member : Joining fee free, Annual fee free
  • Corporate member : Joining fee free, Annual fee ¥100,000       
  • Supporting member : The units of contribution are ¥50000
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